Laugh Dammit

Ginger comic and former Tonight Show Host, Conan O’Brien is planning a multi-city stage tour, in the coming months.  O’Brien has promised to, “Keep to the low standards I have been following for the last 17 years.”   O’Brien will be accompanied on the tour by longtime lover and loyal sidekick, Andy Richter.    O’Brien has indicated that if the tour goes well he may consider returning to a limited role on cable television.  “I’m thinking something on the lines of Channel 72 in Des Moines or something similar, you know, just to keep down the expectations.”  O’Brien added that, “I will continue to follow the pattern of success I had at NBC.”  “My act will be a lot of me jumping up and down, spinning around and buttoning and unbuttoning my jacket.”    “I am going to add some big changes like combing my hair up higher and maybe wearing jeans or something.”  “This is the kind of edgy comedy my fans want,” said Conan.   O’Brien indicated that if he gets in trouble he knows he can turn to his longtime partner, Richter, to bail him out.  “Andy is my wing-man, and my fail-safe, all wrapped into one.”   “My audience just loves his deadpan style and cuddly nature.”

O’Brien plans on doing an hour show at each venue, beginning at about 11:35 pm.  “I realize it’s a bit late to begin a show but, it’s not like most of my fans work anyway.” said a confident O’Brien.  “That 11:35 time slot means everything to me.”  This will put O’Brien’s stage show up against Leno and Letterman but, that doesn’t seem to have Conan worried.  “I welcome the challenge of taking on that ass-clown Leno and showing NBC what a mistake they made in pulling the plug on me.”  ” I’m pretty sure I can draw better than either of those guys when it comes to a live audience, he boasted.   “Once I rebuild my reputation and my audience, there will be no stopping me.”  “I plan on being back in that Tonight Show seat before the end of the year.”

O’Brien’s tour kicks off in Barnsboro North Dakota on April 1st and is scheduled to run until July 13th with his final show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.


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