Pitch It

The Congress and President Obama have finally come to an agreement on what action to take against that pesky document called the Constitution.  “Were gonna toss the whole Damn thing” said Botox Spokes model and sometimes Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  “It just keeps getting in the way of our grand plan for this country and beside that, it’s old anyway.”   President Obama was quick to endorse the idea and indicated he wouldn’t mind if they scrapped that Declaration paper too.  “How in the hell am I supposed to run this country and when I am handicapped by these rules?” said Obama.   “Those things were fine back in the day but, they really aren’t necessary today.”  “I guess the next step will be to dismantle the Supreme Court since they will all be dead weight in an America without The Constitution,” he remarked.  “Going down to two branches of government will be a great cost saving and help to streamline the whole process,” Pelosi added, “I can’t wait.”


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