Authorities are looking into reports that during a Saturday service at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago an announcement was made over the loudspeaker for all white folks to get out.  “We know the announcement wasn’t made at the main microphone,” said Reverend Willie Horton Jr.  “We’re trying to track down the source of the announcement and we want all the crackers to know how deeply troubled we are.”  Church organist Ann T. Gemima was quoted as saying, “If you axe me dey otta fin dat man and buy hisself a drink.”  Gemima added, “I’s bin genst dem honkeys comin in tuz our church sins da first times I seen em dere.”

A white parishioner, Mary D. Mudder outlined how horrified and offended she was by this incident.  “We all came together at least I thought so but, now I ain’t so sure.”     I. M. White, head of the Chicago office of the N.A.A.W.P.  indicated his office would investigate to find out how something like this could happen in such a diverse congregation.  “I’m not sure but I’m thinking it’s possible that the white folks in that church may have had it coming on account of that “slavery thing” from the 1800’s.  “There’s never enough punishment,” he added.  “We deserve it.”


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