Just Trying to Help

In an effort to help the United States through its current Health Care difficulties, famed al Quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has promised his help by offering to kill as many Americans as possible.  Bin Laden let it be known that, “dead Americans don’t need Health Care.”  He further states that, “despite our many differences I’m very willing to help with this American problem.”    Bin Laden has promised to ramp up the execution of any and all Americans captured by his al Qaeda brethren, “Just as soon as we can get our hands on them.”  “If Bin Laden keeps his promise it could have a very positive effect on our efforts to deal with the Health Care crisis we are facing,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  “If we have a lot fewer people to insure it should make this whole Socialist government run Bureaucracy much more cost effective,” she added.  “It’s a win win situation,  added Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, nobody loses here.”  “Hopefully, this can lead to more cooperation between our two peoples,” said Senator Reid.  “Perhaps down the road we can normalize relations, and start selling them American made products like guns and missiles, stated a hopeful Reid.  President Obama when informed about this gesture said he too was hopeful that we could bring these folks into the fold.  Obama offered that, “Osama and Obama could become the Democrats mantra in the 2010 election

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