Notice The Bulge in Kennedy's Pants

In a surprise announcement at his hearing regarding the death of Pop Celebrity Michael Jackson, the Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of injecting Jackson with a fatal dose of drugs presented his defense today.  Murray’s attorney indicated that Jackson killed himself by injecting a needle loaded with propofol into his thigh while Murray was in the rest room.  Murray indicated that in addition to Jackson’s suicide he had information proving that President Kennedy fired the fatal shot into his own head while riding in the motorcade in Dallas in 1963.  According to Murray, Kennedy was distraught over the death a year earlier of his one true love, Marilyn Monroe.  “If you look closely at the Zapruder Film, Murray said, you can see him reach into his jacket and pull out a 45.”  There is no question Kennedy’s death was the result of his own actions, just like Michael,” added the doctor.  “Once this Kennedy thing comes out, it won’t be difficult for a jury to see how Jackson could do the same.”


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