Reformed Priest

The Vatican announced that the Catholic Church of America will be given full charge of Father Flanagan’s Boy Town in Nebraska.  The Church plans to use the facility to serve as a testing ground for priests completing treatment for pedophilia.  Omaha Bishop James Roberts stated that the idea behind the plan is to allow for the, “full and complete testing” of our priests before they are moved back into different churches around the USA.  “We think this is the best possible test that can be use,”  said Bishop Roberts.  “We should get a pretty good indication of whether or not our 10 point treatment plan is working, He added.  The church plans to send the priests into the Boys Town facility after they complete a 45 day pedophilia treatment program, which includes watching videos, meeting with church psychologists and lots of praying. If the priest makes it through that part of the program they will then be assigned to a house on the Boys Town Campus with anywhere from 12-14 boys inside.  At this point the reforming pedophile will be unsupervised so as to build up the confidence that he can have contact with young males without doing anything sinful.  The priests will be required to attend one meeting a week during their six month on site rehabilitation and write two papers regarding their experiences.  Assuming, both parts of the treatment plan are completed successfully, the priest will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the course.  Following the graduation ceremony each fully reformed pedophile will be assigned a new parish in a different state and will be given a new identity. The Vatican expects to return 9500 priests to the “hood” after just two years.


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