Greeks continue to march in the streets looting and burning after finding out they will have to go to work and earn a paycheck rather than rely on their government to provide for them.  “What are we to do?” wailed Adamos Aldephos, after hearing the news.  “We Greeks don’t know how to work or earn money,” he added.  “My life is destroyed.”  “I’m only 25 and now I am told I may have to work for thirty or forty years before I can get a government check.”  “How does one live like this, it is inhuman.”  The Greek News Agency reported that with the Greek debt equal to 125% of its economy it will become necessary for the Greek people to go to work.   Baltazor Belios, head of Greece‘s newly created Department of Labor, said that, “It is time for all Greeks to sacrifice for the good of the nation.”  “We must teach our young that work is necessary and set a good example.”   This appears to be a tough sell to the average Greek who is used to government welfare and who has no idea about the “work thing.”    “I’m not sure what I’m going to do added, Delphina Chatalios, I’ve really never even thought about it.”   “We we told that the Government is there for the use of the people and to provide for us, what do they expect us to do?”

As the Greek government comes to grips with this new crisis its people are, at the present time, reacting quite badly.  Greece, once a model of Socialism, is on the brink of chaos and disintegration.  Rioters are carrying banners with slogans such as; “F**K WORKING GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE”, “WORK IS FOR CAPITALISTS,” “CHECK YES–WORK NO!”

Greece’s President Karolos Papoulias said in a recent interview, “My hope is that this need to work in order to get money is just a temporary thing and it will be in short order that the Greek people will be able to go back to their customary lifestyle of living off the fruits of the government.”  Papoulias added that, “We Greeks are a resilient people and will not allow our casual lifestyle to be disrupted for long.”   “The government is for the people’s use and pleasure, we will not allow the foreign concept of working to become a permanent yoke around our necks!”  “Zeus willing, we will overcome this setback and return to the greatness of the empire.”


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