Too Late

In a last ditch effort to stop the massive oil leak in the Gulf , BP has announced that it has contracted with Disney’s Little Mermaid to contain the leak.   It is anticipated that Ariel and her army of friends could have the leak contain within 48 hours.  “We are waiting for the contract to be drawn up and signed,” said James White, BP’s head of Western Hemisphere Operations.  “We really think we are going to get in done in just a few more days,” he added.   “Ariel and her army of sea creatures will have full access to all our equipment and technology.”  “She may be a bit old and smelly but, she makes up for that with her smarts.”   “We are extremely confident she will get the job done.”   The Mermaid was not available to comment but issued a press release stating her goals.  “My team and I have great confidence that we can do this,” she said.   It is not know at the present time if Ariel’s ex-husband, Prince Eric would be involved in the operation.


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