In a stunning response to the Arizona Law against illegal immigration,   President Obama has ordered two dozen nuclear armed missiles pointed at the state.  Administration officials stated that the President wants to show those racists in Arizona that he means business when it comes to turning a blind eye to the millions of illegals entering the USA.   Unnamed sources have stated that during a high level meeting at which the Arizona law was discussed, Obama was quoted as saying , “those fu*king cowboys need to be taught a lesson.”  “These folks are democrats in waiting and they need to be allowed into the country with impunity.”   The missiles, each with multiple warheads, would generate enough power to level half of the state.  Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs said that,  “the President isn’t going to tolerate any state protecting its own borders and citizens without interference from the federal government.  “That’s why we’re here, to get in everyone’s business and screw with things.”    Gibbs promised that if Arizona doesn’t back down from its tough stand, the federal response will be, “swift and punishing.

Arizona  state officials had no comment however, Senator John McCain when hearing of the federal action said, “I think I’m against that.”

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