Maybe Average at Best

In a move that is bound to send shock waves throughout the television shopping industry QVC hostess Mary Cleaver inadvertently displayed a piece of jewelry found to be non-fabulous AND  non-gorgeous.  She had just finished showing a really really gorgeous Eternity Band Ring when she reaches down and pulls up this frumpy looking oval ring that looked like something out of a Cracker Jack Box.  The error immediately set off a flurry of irate phone calls to the company offices in West Chester PA.  “The phone lines were tied up all afternoon,” said Alan Beech, one of a group of QVC Managers called in to handle the crisis.  “We’re trying to get to the bottom of what happened.”  “I can tell you that when we find out, heads will roll.”  This marks the first time in the company’s long history that a non-gorgeous piece of jewelry made it onto the airwaves.  “We pride ourselves in taking great care to insure that only pieces of high quality, get on camera,” added Ron Phillips, director of quality control for the company.  “Right now we are focusing on Cleaver and we are trying to look at the in house cameras to see if we can figure out what went wrong.”  “Regardless, heads are going to roll over this,” he chimed.


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