Harry S. Truman

President Barack Obama announced today that his administration would file a lawsuit against the last living relative of former President Harry S. Truman over the late President’s use of nuclear missiles against Japan in 1945.  Obama plans to sue 95 year old Vance Truman for “One Gazillion Dollars.”  Obama was quoted as saying that, “someone has to be held accountable for the misery we caused the Japanese.”  “If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a state trying to protect its borders or a former President trying to save the lives of his own citizens,”  Obama added.  “If I was president in 1945 we would have attacked each and every island the Japanese were holding, one at a time, until we defeated them fair and square.”   “Sure it would have meant a million more American casualties but,  at least we would have been considered nicer.”    “This is all part of  my plan to fix America.”  “Getting rid of that pesky Constitution, taking over Healthcare, giving amnesty to the illegals, filing lawsuits and all that good stuff.”   After filing the lawsuit against Truman, the Obama administration is expected to announce his intention to have the Black Panthers replace the Secret Service as Presidential bodyguards.


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