Gibson in Happier Times

British Petroleum engineers are being brought in to cap Mel Gibson.  The loudmouth Hollywood Actor’s latest rants caught the attention of law enforcement who in turn got a local judge to issue an order approving the use of one of BP’s caps, originally intended for use in the Gulf, on Gibson.  “This guy has such a big mouth it’s going to take something like this to shut him up,” said Judge Harvey Lewis.  “Since BP has several of these laying around at the moment, I agreed with law enforcement that is would be a good idea to use one in this case.”    BP has stated that the cap should work to help slow the spill coming from Gibson’s mouth.  BP Executive John Walsh stated that, “the nice thing about this is we can just get away with using the cap and there won’t be any need to drill anything.”   The process is expected to take two days.  Gibson and his staff had no comment.


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