Young and Restless

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno 103, was signed to a five year extension by the university this morning.  Paterno,  who had just completed a three mile jog when he returned to his Happy Valley Office to make the announcement, took the news in stride.  “I feel great and ready to get out there and kick some butt,” he said.   Paterno now in his 69th year of coaching at Penn State is set to make $5 million dollars per season at the end of the contract.  He started his career as an assistant to Rip Engle at Penn State.  When asked who his favorite players were  he quickly stated,  “no question Herb and  Russ Stein.”  “I was a young coach  looking to make an impression but needed some quality players to help me along.”    “These two guys came along and the rest is history,”  he added. 
Paterno left the news conference after about 20 minutes to meet with former player, Wes Abercrombie for lunch.  Abercombie is the great-grandfather of current PSU starting QB Justin Abercrombie.   Paterno promised to meet reporters again tomorrow sometime between his scheduled tennis match and his skydiving lessons.


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