Conservative Tag-Team

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh recently inked a contract that will pit them against liberal talking heads Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews, in a WWE Cage Match at Madison

Liberal Tag-Team

Square Garden in January of 2011.  Wrestling promoter, Vince McMahon was ecstatic as he made the announcement to the assembled news media on August 8th.  “We’ve been trying for years to get this deal done, and we were finally able to work it out,” he said.  McMahon expects this to be one of his biggest promotions ever.  “We certainly expect a sell out at the arena and a huge pay-per-view audience,” he quipped.   “We’re looking for a no-holds barred match to the death, with no disqualifications.”    McMahon added that he had hoped to have the match scheduled last year but, was held up by Olberman’s demand that  Limbaugh and Beck agree to “redistribute” their share of the prize money to “those less fortunate.”   Matthews was also plagued much of last year with what doctors described as, “tingling leg syndrome,” which kept him from training for about eight months.  “It looks like we’ve worked out all the bugs and should be about to get this match off the ground in January 2011.   Rush should be off his “medicine” by then and Beck looks to be in the best shape of his career, since his breakdown on national television in 2009″ said the promoter.  It has been agreed that the winners will take all and be permitted to donate their winnings to a favorite cause or charity.


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