Mayor Diversity

Following  up his recent vocal support of a Muslim Mosque to be built near the ground Zero Site , Mayor Diversity  is also considering seeking the approval of city council to build a memorial in  honor  of  those Nazis who died in service to their country.  In a speech at New York’s largest German American Picnic, The Mayor outlined his plan to build a five-story memorial/museum in the downtown, near the city’s Polish Hill neighborhood, “to honor a people who did what they had to do in order to survive.”   His critics, including many in the Jewish community are calling this an election ploy so the mayor can build up support within the German American community.  “We strongly oppose the Mayor on this,” said Joseph Levine, head of New York’s Jewish Council on City Affairs.  “We just don’t think this is a good idea.”   Diversity announced that in addition to a first floor memorial which would explain the reasons behind Germany’s  need for expansion,  an interactive concentration camp would be built on the second floor.  Here visitors would be treated to virtual beatings, shooting and torture and be able to participate in a “this is a shower not an oven,”  3D reenactment .  his  plan is for two floors to display a collection of Third Reich literature, propaganda materials, inventions and an audio-visual display that would include a compilation of  The Fuhrer’s greatest speeches,running simultaneously on four giant screens.   the  idea for a rooftop display is to have an open air wax museum which would include likenesses of all Nazi greats including, Goebbels, Himmler, Speer, Mengele, Barbie, Ava Braun and of course the Fuhrer himself.

In a side note,  The Mayor’s  office has outlined his plan to construct a serial killer memorial on Staten Island, an Enola Gay memorial in the city’s Little Japan neighborhood, and to construct a Statue honoring Joseph Stalin in Chinatown.   When asked how all of this would be paid for the Mayor replied, “Well, we will just have to raise taxes on New Yorkers, that’s all.”


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