America’s last normal student, Jeffery Tard is entering his senior year at  Rock Ridge HS in Biloxi,  Mississippi this school year.  Tard is the last known US Student  not be classified as Special Education and will get the final “normal” diploma given out in the Spring of 2011.  Despite his parent’s best efforts to have him declared disabled, special needs or handicapped, Tard was unable to achieve the designation and as a result, was unable to qualify for any of the breaks given to the rest of his classmates.  According to his principal Tard will have to attend classes, pass tests and complete homework, in order to receive his diploma.  “Being that all the rest of our students have been Identified as having some disability and will be exempt from any of the foregoing requirements,  Tard will be the only kid we have to worry about failing,” Skinner added.  ” He will be under a lot of pressure to get his work done and pass.”  “We wouldn’t want to ruin our perfect record.”


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