Dean Wants A New Deal

In a surprise appearance on Wayne Brady’s Show, Let’s Make A Deal, former Governor and Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean was pitted against Mrs. Alice Lumley in the Grand Prize Round.  Dean, dressed as President Franklin Roosevelt, complete with cigarette holder, fedora and leg braces, and Mrs Lumley, appearing in a Snow White costume both appeared very excited as Brady highlighted their options.  Dean, who had already won an electric can opener and bookcase was eager to give that all up for the chance to select a door.  Lumley, gave up her Tiger Woods Golf Clubs and a year’s supply of M&M’s.

The anticipation had built to a crescendo as Dean selected the far left door, while Lumley selected the middle door.  Lumley opened first and found a three carat diamond ring and a sailboat behind her door.  Dean who by this time was jumping up and down and squealing loudly in anticipation was crushed to find he had traded for a copy of the United States Constitution in an original  1790 jeweled case.  Dean also won replicas of 2 dozen American battle flags from the wars of the 200th century   It appeared the biggest prize was in the far right door which had a red Ferrari and a 30 foot power motor boat.


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