Koran Fires Out of Control

Rev. Terry Jones’ Koran burning has taken an unexpected and tragic turn as the initial fire started by Jones was  spread by unexpected wind gusts, into the wooded area surrounding his church.   This combined with an extremely dry spell in Florida caused the fire to get out of control before firemen arrived.  “Jesus, I’m really sorry about this,” Jones remarked.  “It wasn’t supposed to get out of the burn barrel but, the wind picked up and before we could react the woods were on fire.”  It appears the fire is spreading into the Gainesville area and is now threatening the downtown area.  Evacuations have been ordered by the mayor’s office as the flames rapidly approached the heart of the business district.  “He’s getting what he deserved,” said Achmed Lanmanoush,”  a Gainesville resident and Muslim spokesman.  “Allah the magnificent has stabbed the eye of the Infidel and has shown his greatness.”   “This Christian pig will pay dearly for his actions.”    Jones who attempted to fight the blaze initially with the church’s garden hose, looked around in stunned silence as the flames began to engulf his church.  Gainesville Mayor Art. E. Shaw said, “we warned him and we begged him not to do this but, he just wouldn’t listen.”  “Now we are all going to suffer.”  Jones is expected to be arrested and charged with causing a catostrophe and various other community violations.


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