Pittsburgh area TV stations will become the first  in the country to voluntarily edit out all references to black crime from their newscasts.  “We are going to remove all stories regarding crimes committed by and against blacks,” announced  General Manager Tom Uncle.  “This is going to include filming  stories showing black criminals being arrested, blacks speaking about crimes, and any interviews at any of the housing projects throughout the region.   “This move is going to allow us to shorten the newscast from 35 minutes down to 10 minutes and half of that will be sports and weather.”  Uncle added.  “We will be able to save a ton of money in production costs.”

“The Pittsburgh Chapter of the NAAPC (National Association for the Advancement of Political Correctness)  fully supports this move.  According to chapter director Ray Cyst, “We are tired of the first 20 minutes of each news cast showing the murders, shootings, robberies, rapes and general mayhem committed by the brothers.”   “It may be factual but, it’s certainly not a fact we want to see presented each and every night,”  he added.


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