Bush's Heisman in Happier Times

Apparently, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has had second thought about returning his Heisman Trophy and has looked in to hiring O.J. Simpson to help him retrieve it.   Reports indicate that Bush was able to find out  the trophy is being stored in a room at the New York Athletic Club so his agents immediately contacted Simpson in his Las Vegas lock up regarding what it would take for O.J. to reassemble his posse and retrieve the statue for Bush.   It is being reported by sources in the Vegas Prison that Simpson is willing to consider the job providing Bush will wait until Simpson is released in about nine years.   People close to Bush have stated off the record that it was unclear if he would be willing to wait that long.   Simpson, a former Heisman winner himself, had his trophy removed from display at his alma mater USC .   The uniqueness of the situation was not lost on long time USC fan Sonny D. Light who commented, “It’s kind of poetic justice that the only two guys to lose their Heisman Trophies  are from USC and would partner up on a daring project like this.”


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