Bank Photo of Suspect

An unarmed man robbed a bank in Pittsburgh in broad daylight on Friday and was able to escape by outrunning police.  The man entered the bank shortly after it opened and walked up to the teller window with a note clenched in his teeth.  He spit the note out at the teller and ordered her to read it and fill a bag he had attached to his belt with cash.  After the teller obliged the man took off out the revolving front door as another customer was coming in.  The man, who escaped on foot appeared to be having difficulty running with the bag of cash swinging on his waist as he ran.   Eighty-two year old Helen Waite was standing inside the bank at another tellers window.  “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, she said.  “He just came up to the next window and you could tell he was nervous, he spit the note at the teller and ran away after she filled his bag.”   Bank officials estimate the robber got away with at least $11,000.


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