A recently rescued Chilean miner Alfredo Luis Petrana has requested that he be returned back to the mine because he forgot his favorite lunch pail in the shaft where he and 32 other miners spent the past 69 days. .   An excited and happy Petrana,  was celebrating with his family until he realized he had forgotten the lunch pail.  He immediately became distraught and tearfully sought out rescuers and asked to be put back in the tube which had just brought the final miner to the surface.   “I have to get back down there and get that lunch pail,” he screamed.  “That lunchbox was given to me by my grandfather from when he worked in the mines.”   “I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t retrieve it,” he wailed.

Petrana was restrained by several rescuers as he tried to climb back into the rescue capsule.  He was quickly ushered into a waiting ambulance and driven away shouting obscenities and beating his chest.

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