In an apparent text message mix-up, Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre sent photos of his recently removed gall bladder to Commissioner Roger Godell at NFL Headquarters.   League spokesman Lee Mathers verified that photos were sent from Favre’s Cell Phone.  “We did receive several photos of what we believe to be Brett’s Gall Bladder,”  Mather admitted.  “It really appeared to be a lot smaller than we would have thought and looked quite limp and unhealthy,” he continued.   “I’m not sure what Brett was intending but, it was quite a surprise and disappointment, at the same time.”  We really thought a tough hard guy like Brett would have a much bigger Gall Bladder.”

When questioned by reporters, Favre’s only comment was to say, “Hey I just got out of a cold operating room when that was taken by my doctor.”  “It’s shrinkage from the cold plain and simple.”   “Other than that I don’t have anything else to say.”


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