Mayberry Boss

Liberal left wing Sheriff, Andy Taylor has announced he is moving from Mayberry, North Carolina to Arizona in order to run against Conservative Right Wing  Sheriff Joe Arapaio in the upcoming election. 

Arizon Boss

Taylor has been the Sheriff of Mayberry for over 50 years and has fought crime using a blend of charm, common sense and humor.  Taylor, who has shunned using a gun for the past five decades relies on his quick thinking, common sense approach to crime fighting and has made  Mayberry the safest town in the country.

Arpaio on the other hand, is a tough, no nonsense lawman, willing to use whatever muscle necessary to keep his town clean.  Arpaio, has angered many liberals because of his crackdown on illegal aliens throughout his district.  In a recent public appearance Arpaio said he is looking forward to the challenge Sheriff Taylor will bring to the election.  He indicated that regardless of their different styles in  crime fighting ,  Taylor has always been one of his idols.  He says recalls meeting Taylor and his son Opie nearly 50 years ago when his father passed through Mayberry and stopped for a haircut at Floyd’s Barber Shop.  “I’ll never forget walking in to that shop as a ten year old and sitting down to wait for my father when this bug-eyed, flustered deputy came barging through the door yelling at the barber about how his bullet was missing or something.”   “Right behind him was a cool and calm young sheriff telling him to, “calm down now Barn,”  while putting his arm around that deputy until he was settled.”  “Little did I know I was meeting one of the greatest sheriffs in America at the time.”


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