New Dehli Kingpin

Recent TV news reports are indicating President Obama’s trip to India, thought to be a pitch for better trade and open markets, is instead because Mr. Obama was having some trouble with his personal computer and wanted to get it fixed quickly.  Obama was heard saying, ” every time I start this damn thing up I’m getting a blue screen and it won’t let me log on to my blog site.”    The Obama’s spent their first day in India with “Roger”,  a tech in Verizon‘s Mumbai Office of Internet Quality,  going over the problems he was having, while trying to help his daughters with their homework.   It was reported that Obama became very angry with the tech support call he made to the Mumbai Office last week and decided to head over there and get the problem resolved face to face.  According to reporters who witnessed the meeting, a very heated conversation was underway between the President and Roger in the lunchroom at the tech’s workplace.  “I want the fu*king thing fixed right now,” Obama was overheard shouting.   At last report the tech had completed walking Obama through a variety of steps including; switching some connections and rebooting the machine several times.  Indian Officials were deeply embarrassed by the poor quality of the service and apologized profusely to Obama several times.  Obama, visibly upset, responded by ordering the Seventh Fleet to the Indian coast and upping the USA‘s readiness level to Defcon Two.

It is estimated the US Taxpayers will be billed $ 1.45 billion dollars for the visit, which includes a 25% discount for bringing the machine in personally.


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