Full body scanners are rapidly becoming the number one requested item on many people’s Christmas lists this year.  The popularity of the scanners has exploded since they have begun to be used more at America’s airports.  The scanners which give a full view of someone underneath their clothes can be purchased for about $2500.00 at Costco.  “It appears that we have a Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon happening this year,” said Costco Vice President Jonas Kilbury.  “We are going full tilt to get these things in production for the upcoming holiday,” he added.   “There are a variety of uses for this item from home security to games to in home sports and hobbies.”  “It’s a godsend,” claimed Costco customer Richard Smith.  “I’m taking this one home to the wife.”  “She has some plans on using it in the bedroom to spice things up a bit,” he chuckled.


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