After careful consideration, President Obama has decided to close the last successful federal agency, NASA.   “There is no need to have an agency of government that works as well as NASA,”  said the President.   “Hey we are going to save a ton of money which I can redistribute to needy Americans,” he added.   “It’s embarrassing to have an agency that functions as well as these guys when the rest of them are in the crapper.”  NASA Chairman Walter Watts was disappointed by the President’s decision.  “We’ve been making America proud for over 50 years,” he said.  “Of course we are saddened by the decision but we will abide by whatever instructions we are given,” he added.

It is expected that NASA will begin to sell off all its assets in the next six to twelve months.  Countries like China and India are expected to be the largest bidders for the space agencies wares and to take over the lead in space travel.

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