Secrets Out of the Box

In a brazen attempt to disrupt this years Betty Crocker Cook and Bake-off,  the English based website Wiki Leaks had released thousands of top-secret recipes on its website.  The release threatens not only to ruin the world’s largest bake-off,  which brings in competitors from all over the world but, to upset restaurant chefs and grandmothers alike by releasing long confidential family recipes passed on for generations.  “This has the potential to bring down some of the worlds most famous chefs, as well as, hundreds of restaurants from those in small towns to some of the worlds most high class eateries,”  said Jeffery Boyd, spokesman for the Crocker Cook and Bake-Off Committee.   “We are looking at extensive and irreparable damage across the board,” he added.   Angry cooks and bakers from around the world are calling for a major response from their governments against the site owner Julian Assange and others within the organization.   “We are a day late and a dollar short in dealing with this,” announced Robin Trower, marketing director for Le Douche Gourmet in Paris.  “I’m not sure we will ever recover, this is really really damaging.”  Some of the more well known recipes released include: KFC’s eleven herbs and spices chicken, Mrs Paul’s Country Fried Fritters, Orville Redenbacher’s Secret Popcorn Flavors, Aunt Jemima’s Original Pancake Mix Recipe and Julia Child’s recipe for honey ham glaze.


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