The One Who Knows Not

Aides to President Obama still haven’t told the President about the most recent leaks of classified information by the Wikileaks website.  “The President has been really busy lately traveling to Afghanistan and other places and we thought it best not to upset him with the news.” said Presidential Spokesman Robert Gibbs.  “Since he got whacked in that hoops game and had a pretty loud tiff with the misses, well with that and all the travel, we figured it’s best if he doesn’t find out about this yet, ” Gibbs added.   “Last time we told him some bad news he really got pissed off and started smoking in the Oval Office again.”  “He really can be batshit crazy when he’s mad,” said the spokesman.  “We’ll probably break it to him next week after he gets back from vacation.”   “Besides it’s better if Biden and Hillary handle the brunt of this anyway because they don’t have to face re-election in a couple of years, so the whole damage control issue plays in here.”


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