Shh..Keep it on the Downlow

The controversial web site Wikileaks has made all of the Victoria’s Secrets available online.  In a brazen posting, sure to send shock waves throughout the lingerie industry, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange bared all of the Secrets which have gone in to making Victoria’s Secret the world’s most powerful lingerie company.   Much of the information is sure to damage the company’s status in the U.S. and around the world.  Victoria’s Secret CEO Buster Cupp immediately began damage control by offering an uplifting message to his employees.  “We’ve got to get a firm grip on these things,” he said.  “We must cover everything up and contain all overflow of information.”   Cupps added, “We must not allow ourselves to sag behind our competition because of these revelations.”

Some of the most sensitive materials released included photos, sketches and internal memos indicating top secret plans on store window displays, new strapless bras, ass-less chaps and the design of the company’s most sensitive new product, the man-bra.


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