Greeting From Walmart

Long time CNN Host Larry King has retired from his interview desk after 25 years and thousands of interviews.   It has been reported that King has opted to accept a job with Walmart as a greeter at one of its New York stores.  King, best known for his softball questioning style has long indicated a desire to “get out there and meet the average people,” after a long career of interviewing celebrities and other top news makers.  King’s longtime producer Chet Askins said, “Larry has been looking for an opportunity like this for a long time and when that call came in from Walmart that he had been hired, well, you can imagine the excitement.”  “We know that Larry’s folksy style and unique communication skills will serve him well in this front of the store position.”  “He’ll be right out there talking and interacting with the public and getting the average man’s take on life,  jobs, education, you name it, and even directing them to the photo department, health and beauty or the candles”    Though wages haven’t been discussed yet, it’s expected that King’s starting wage will be about $14.75 per hour, dwarfing that of almost every other greeter in the country.

Walmart spokesman Lynn Bentley described the King hiring as, “a coup for the company.”  “It’s like a dream come true for us to get a person of Larry’s stature on our greeter rolls.”  “This may open the door to other has been celebrities taking a look at what Walmart has to offer.  “In fact we’ve already fielded a couple of calls from former Hollywood stars whose careers have tanked recently.”   It’s definitely a win-win situation for all concerned,” Bentley added.  In speaking with Larry yesterday I know he was especially excited about earning all those neat pins we give out, to wear them on his suspenders.


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