We Can Tip-Toe Behind The Enemy

With the Senate vote to repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy for the U.S. Military the army already has plans in motion to create the world’s first ever, Prancer Division.   The army expects to base this new unit on the old German Panzer Divisions of WW II.   Army documents show that the new division will be made up entirely of gay soldiers.    The basic idea of the unit is to introduce soldiers into a battle by having them ballroom dance their way into the firefight.  It is thought that the distraction of watching fully outfitted military units dipping and twisting their way across the front lines would allow other more manly soldiers to get the drop on the enemy in certain battle situations.  “This new openness in the military can really be a useful tool in combat,” said General Les Beann  “We expect to be able to create quite a diversion in certain battle situations,” he added.

The army expects to have the new troops sashaying across the Afghanistan front within a year.


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