Mario Accompanied by His Standard Bearer

The Pittsburgh Penguins (owned by Mario Lemieux) have announced plans to build a statue of Lemieux in the new Lemieux Building (sometimes called The Consol Energy Center).  The Lemieux Building is located on Lemieux Place, just across the Lemieux Bridge, in the Lemieux section of the city.  The Pens announced that the statue placement will require the moving of 22 of the 66 paintings and drawings of Lemieux inside the Lemieux Section of the Lemieux building.

Building manager Jean Claude Lemieux indicated that the statue will be a welcome addition to the building and will further remind visitors of the importance of Mario Lemieux to all of us.   When asked for comment Lemieux said, “I  hope they get that thing up quickly and have my name spelled correctly.”  The other 22 pieces will be placed in various areas where they may be a shortage of Lemieux’s likenesses.   “We plan on having the unveiling during the Winter Classic Weekend,” Claude Lemieux announced.   All fans attending will get a copy of Mario’s Biography, a signed Lemieux Photo and a gift certificate to the Lemieux Restaurant.

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