Where am I?

Legendary 84 year old, Penn State Football Coach, Joe Paterno, is giving some friendly advice to his old nemesis, The University of Pittsburgh, regarding who he feels might be a good hire as Pitt’s new football coach.

Paterno, in an afternoon news conference yesterday, offered this suggestion to his counterpart at Pitt, AD Steve Pederson.  “I think they ought to take a look at old, ‘what’s his name” from my staff.”  “I think he’s been with me a long time,” Paterno added.  Paterno went on to say, ” I’m pretty sure he did some good stuff while he was on my staff for however long it was.”    “In fact, I think I saw him  on the field talking to some of those kids with the hard shells on their heads when I was out there walking around looking for my socks.”  “In fact, that kid that I’m related to, the one that helps me dress in the morning ,told me I really liked him a lot, so he would be a good person for whatever it is was you were looking for.”    ” I hope you can find this missing guy and he can get back to whatever it was he was supposed to be doing for you.”


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