Tired and Hungary but, Still a Tough Guy

Though it has been nearly two weeks since his last show aired on CNN, Larry King has been unable to find the exit door to the parking lot.  King reportedly left his dressing room shortly after the final show but, is still roaming around the hallways of CNN trying to find his way out.  King reportedly placed a cell phone call to his wife informing her that he “was having a bit of trouble getting out.”  In the phone conversation King was able to ask his wife what color the family car was and being the trooper he is, also told her he didn’t need any directions and would be home soon.  Now after two weeks, his wife, is considering driving down to the studio to pick him up.  Speaking to a reporter Mrs. King expressed her frustration.  “Larry is such a sweetheart but this is really over the top, even for him.”  “I wanted to come down there last week but he wouldn’t allow me.”  “He wants to show CNN and the world that he is still in top form and could have continued doing the show for several more years.”   According to his wife King indicated he was, “pretty damn hungry and needed a change or two of underwear.”  “I’m giving him 24 more hours then I’m going down to the studio and pull him out,” his wife stated.


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