Finally........an Answer

In what has turned out to be an unbelievable coincidence, conservative investigators claiming that President Obama was actually born in Kenya and democratic investigators trying to prove he was born in Hawaii, have both stumbled upon the answer to this three year mystery, almost simultaneously.

As it turns out solid evidence has surfaced that shows both sides were correct.  In fact, it turns out Obama was born in Kenya but not the country of Kenya, rather it was Kenya, Hawaii.   Kenya, Hawaii is a suburb of Honolulu with a population of 268 mostly poor indigent farmers.   Recent evidence proves that Obama’s mother was living in this hamlet in August of 1975 and had her child in a free clinic in the town during that time.

Both sides are claiming victory in settling this debate once and for all.    The democrats say that since he was indeed born in Hawaii,  they were correct all along.  However, in conceding that point the republicans now claim that since he was born in 1975 he would have only been 33 at the time of his election and is therefore ineligible to hold the office.  Stay tuned.


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