Today my name is ............

Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Chad Johnson after learning that Ochocinco may indeed translate to “eight-five” in some Spanish dialects however, in numerous others,  it can be interpreted to mean “meathead.”  Johnson-Ochocinco-Johnson was quoted as saying, “I really had no idea that the name could be translated into more than one thing.”  “I just realized recently that the dictionary I used three years ago to translate the name did not contain the “slang” terminology.


As a result of his flip-flop on the name, if he remains in Cincinnati next season, he will have to buy up all the jerseys with “Ochocinco” on the back.  Johnson said he considered using the Indian name, “Chad Running His Mouth,” before eventually deciding to go back to his original moniker.

Johnson’s father Fred Sanford Johnson is happy his son is coming back to his roots.  “I would have been just as happy if he had taken the name of one of his mother’s other kids, Chad Jackson, Chad White, Chad Sharpton, Chad Albert of even Chad Lewis.   Fred Johnson’s estranged wife Lula Johnson could not be reached for comment.


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