An angry Jerry Jones has changed his mind about hosting the Super Bowl this Sunday forcing the league into a chaotic search for a new location for the game.   Jones is said to be angry that his Dallas Cowboys are not participating in the game thus, disrupting his grand plan for this past season.  Jones gave no indication prior to today that he was considering this move but sources close to his office have said that his mood has deteriorated significantly when the two Super Bowl participants arrived and the real hoopla kicked in.  “Jerry was dealing with disappointment pretty well up to this point but, when he saw the other teams arrive and all that was going on, he just flipped.”    According to another source, Roger Goodell met with Jones this morning and tried to “talk him down'” but, to no avail.   Jones has ordered the league to remove all Super Bowl related equipment and staff from the stadium by Thursday afternoon.   As you can imagine fans, players and the league are irate and plan to protest Jones’ move.   Packer fan, Art Starr summed up the feelings of many by saying, “Jones is an a**hole.”  “I took my vacation this week and paid two grand for four nights at the Marriott.”  “What am I supposed to do now?”    Steeler fan, Fran Koharris represented the feelings of his side when hearing of the cancellation by saying, “what a di**head!”   Roger Goodell has indicated the NFL may look to play the game at nearby Tom Landry High School which is said to hold 22,000 fans.  “We’re working on it ,” said league spokesman Jimmy Vandermeer.


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