The Almighty Dollar

Labor Union leaders in Wisconsin and Ohio have proposed a plan to destroy America before the end of 2011.   Union President Ben Luddin announced the combined effort as, “a way to bring this country to it’s knees for our own benefit.”  Luddin stated that, “sometimes you have to destroy something in order to make it better.”  “We can’t continue to allow opposition to the our union tactics and objectives ,” he added.  “We need to continue choking the life out of this country for it’s own good.”  “We see it as a fair trade off to wreck the nation so that our members can continue to benefit,” he added.

“There is nobody more deserving of high wages, job protection, high-end insurance and limitless benefits, than our brothers in the unions.”    Labor union VP Joe La Grotto supported Luddin’s comments and added,  “We’re going to do whatever is necessary to get our way and if a few heads get busted, then, “Oh well'”   “It’s better to bankrupt American than to have one union member pay ten buck more a month in healthcare.”  “Besides we can always keep borrowing money, Right?”


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