Could He Help?

In a drastic attempt to stop their nuclear power plants from melting down and creating an epic catastrophe, the Japanese government is considering unfreezing Godzilla to aid in the effort.  Scientists are hesitating because of disagreement as to whether the giant monster can be controlled once it is removed from its resting place in Antarctica and brought to the islands.  “We’ve had this problem before with Godzilla,”  announced Tekero Nakasone, head of the government’s “Frozen Slumber Project,”    the Tokyo group responsible for the suspended animation of the legendary dinosaur.   “It’s hard to say what the creature will do.”  “He is very moody, especially after being awakened from a long sleep.   “He could be very helpful in containing any meltdowns with his fire=breathing skills,” added Nakasone.  “Or in a worst case scenario, he could go completely nuts and ransack another large part of the country,” said the minister.  “


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