At a Loss for Words

Libyan strongman,  Mohammar Qadaffi spoke to a large crowd this evening in Tripoli, as coalition forces continued to hammer away at the Libyan Capital.  In his address, which Qadaffi had hand-written on a jumbo size yellow legal pad, he slammed NATO and the US for bombing his country.  Sources close to the Libyan strongman are reporting that he was particularly upset that his teleprompter was destroyed along with much of his compound by a Tomahawk Missile on Monday.  Qadaffi railed privately about how important his teleprompter was to him in fooling most poorly educated Libyans into believing he was a tremendous public speaker.  “My whole message of hope and change was made so believable to the gullible masses, because of my skilled use of this particular instrument,” he said.   “It was my main tool of governance and helped me control my countrymen, by making me appear much smarter than I really am,” he stated privately to his closest advisors.  “This item must be replaced quickly before my people realize what a sham and false leader I really am.”

Libyan radio is reporting that Qadaffi’s location is not known but, he is believed to be golfing somewhere in southern Libya or on vacation in Switzerland.


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