My Name is Mo

Libyans across the nation are waiting excitedly to finally have the correct spelling.  “This will truly come in handy as we make our, “Death to”  signs,” said Alymar el Shakian, a local protest sign maker and owner of Shakian’s Signs of Death and Hate, located just outside of Tripoli.  “Finally, I can get this exactly right,” he added.  “We want our signs of death and hate to be as accurate as possible and this will go a long way in correcting errors and bring agreement among our protestors.”

At the present time it is unclear whether this announcement will help the Colonel in his bid to maintain power over the rebels in his country.  Akhaem Gandoli, Director of Libyan Media made the following statement.  “This announcement will finally help the cause of all media outlets, both in Libya and outside.”  “To finally get this name standardized across the board is huge.”  “No more awkward misspellings and embarrassing gaffes in the newspapers, magazines or anywhere,” he added.

“This will make it quite easy for the tombstone maker as well.”  “It should only require one take from now on,” said Gandoli


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