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Police were called in to break up a fight among news reporters from the three main TV Stations in Pittsburgh.  Witnesses told police that reporters from KDKA, WTAE AND WPXI arrived at Heinz Field around 11 am yesterday to shoot some footage of the stadium to use with their afternoon and evening newscasts.  It appears that KDKA TV’s Marty Griffin, was doing the intro for his story when WTAE Reporter Sally Wiggin inadvertently walked into the shot.  This lead  Mr. Griffin to shout a few profanities which, Ms Wiggen apparently believed were directed at her.  Just as the argument began to escalate, WPXI’s David Johnson shouted at both Ms. Wiggin and Mr. Griffin to quiet down because his audio was picking up the argument.  Allegedly, at that point, Ms. Wiggin told Mr. Johnson to, “shut up yourself you assh*le.”   Witnesses sat that Mr. Johnson  rushed to the scene and shoved his microphone into the face of Ms. Wiggin.  At that moment, Mr. Griffin  jumped in and pushed both reporters, at which time a brawl broke out among the three.

Police were called to the scene and ordered the three reporters to cease and desist.  By the time additional offers came on the scene, Ms. Wiggin’s dress was torn, and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Griffin were rolling around on the ground, yelling obscenities at each other.

All three reporters were taken into custody just as Hines Ward  was scheduled to make an on camera appearance from hotel room in Hollywood, where he is participating in Dancing With The Stars.  When informed about the incident, Ward was quoted as saying, “What a bunch of morons, I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid.”  A hearing was set for next Friday in Pittsburgh Court.


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