Crosby's New Gear

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sydney Crosby is expected to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, after not playing since January, due to a concussion.  Crosby, who has been skating during practice recently, was not expected to play anymore this season.  Pens GM Ray Shero made the announcement on Sunday, after learning that Penguin’s superfan,  Stush Kolajezweiski,  a steelworker from Monesson, PA has developed a special helmet and gear for Crosby to wear.  “Stush has assured us that this protective equipment is foolproof,” said Shero.  “We’ve tested it out at practice over the last couple of days and in our opinion, he’s right.”   Pens coach, Dan Blysma added, “This is a godsend for our team.”  “To get Syd back out there without the worry of him taking another elbow in the mush is huge.”   “We really need him out there if we are going to have any hope of winning another cup.”

Shero when asked to comment further on the new equipment said, “this stuff is made for contact.”   “Anybody else takes a run at him will live to regret it.”  “He will be a force out there.”


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