Quixote and Panza in Happier Times

After a nearly two-year investigation, Italian authorities have announced that Don Quixote (aka The Man of La Mancha) is not really from La Mancha after all but rather from the nearby village of Avellino.   “This revelation is sending shock waves across Italy and beyond,” said Luigi Pantrotto, spokesman for Italy’s prominent ”  La Repubblica” newspaper.  “It’s depressing to find out we have been lied to all these years,”  he added.  

Neither Don Quixote or his alter ego, Miguel de Cervantes could be reached for comment.  However Quixote’s squire, Sancho Panza, admitted to the deception citing a payment Quixote is supposed to have received from the Mayor of La Mancha, in exchange for his using the city’s name as his hometown.   Presently, it is thought that Quixote is in hiding and avoiding the investigation and the media.


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