Helpful Mob

A large urban mob ran amok throughout Charlotte NC today helping repair homes, mowing lawns, carrying groceries, picking up litter and helping old ladies across the street.  According to WCNC News the mob began to gather near city hall around 9:00 AM and quickly fanned out around the city helping residents for the better part of nine hours.  “I’ve never seen minorities  help anyone like this ever before,” said John Drummond, a City of Charlotte Councilman.   “This is extremely unusual and caught us all by surprise,” he added.  Mary Lichtersnatch a long time city resident couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  “I was out in my yard trying to clean up a bit and I suddenly see this group of color kids running toward me with brooms and shovels.”  “I started to run toward my front door but, before I could get inside I was surrounded by these kids and they were sweeping and shoveling trash and even fixing my porch railing.”  “It was unbelievable.” “It’s hard to believe something like this could ever happen,” said Al Julius.   “I’m just glad these ones were friendly, otherwise I thought I was in trouble.”


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