Arizona is Toast

In a bold move intended to stop the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens into the state, Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislature have authorized the controlled burning down of the entire state.  “I think we’ve finally found a way to keep out these freeloaders,” cited state official Carlos Ponzi.  “After long discussions in the Legislature and Governor’s Office, the idea came about that the best way to stop people from coming in illegally, would be to make it less appealing in some way, and the best idea we could think of was to just go ahead and burn the state down,” he added. 

“We should have done this years ago,” said Joe Friday, spokesman for the Governor’s Office.  “It’s just like trying to get rid of an anthill, a little bit of fire and “poof,” the ants are gone.

It is expected that residents will be given 48 hours to pack up and get out.


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