Running Toward Open Borders

In a response to a recent question by a reporter at a Democratic Press Conference, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have stated that the President is doing everything he can to assure the future of America’s Borders.  The democrats have almost entirely expressed support for the President’s position on Borders and how they should operate.  “We are in favor of open Borders all across America,” said Pelosi.  “The fact is we want to maintain Borders in a way that will allow the most people in because, it’s great for business,” she added.   When asked how open Borders are in the country’s best interest, Reid responded, “We find that having Borders open provides a secure and safe environment for all people, not just Americans but, all over North America.  “My vote will always be to keep Borders open,” Reid continued. 

When asked if they believed the President had the same opinion on the issue, Reid exclaimed, “Well I know he doesn’t get a chance to shop there much but, he is a fan of their coffee.”  “I’m pretty confident that the President understands the importance of reading in this country and will do whatever it takes to keep Borders open for a long long time.”

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