Back With a Vengeance

After a nearly 40 year hiatus, famed hijacker D.B. Cooper appears to have struck again.  News reports out of Portland indicate that a late afternoon flight en route to Seattle was hijacked by a man matching Cooper’s description.  Rather than demanding a ransom as he had done in 1971, Cooper instead collected all the cash, jewelry and valuables from the passengers and flight crew, donned a parachute and jumped from the rear of the plane into a heavily wooded area of Washington State, about 50 miles south of Seattle.  Cooper, who passengers described as appearing to be in his mid-seventies, told the flight crew that he had come out of retirement because of the weak economy and indicated that the $200,000 he received in his 1971 ransom demand, was long gone, lost by bad investments in the stock market.  Cooper even took a moment to sign his autograph on a napkin presented to him by one of the passengers.  The FBI responded to the incident by immediately placing Cooper back atop its “Most Wanted” List. 

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