A Killer Couple

In a surprise announcement made by her attorney Jose Baez, Casey Anthony is said to be set to marry Joran van der Sloot in January of 2012.  The wedding is expected to take place in the Peruvian prison in which van der Sloot is being held for the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez, in a Lima hotel in May of 2010.   Anthony was said to admire van der Sloot, “from the moment I saw him on TV in 2005.”   ‘I’ve had a crush on him for a long time,” Anthony allegedly confided to a friend while she was in prison in Florida charged with the murder of her daughter Calee in 2008.

According to sources from the Orange County Jail, where Anthony was held for three years, Casey was extremely excited at the prospect of “hooking up” with van der Sloot as soon as she was released from prison.  Anthony was alleged to have said that she felt a strong attachment to van der Sloot and believed that they had a “unique bond”  and “shared something very special that couldn’t be put into words.”   

Sources in Peru have stated that van der Sloot is equally excited with the proposition of “getting together with my soul mate.”  He was overheard telling a fellow prisoner, “when two people have such an honest, truthful and open relationship like we plan to have, it’s destiny.”  It is reported that Anthony is looking in to purchasing a home near the Peruvian prison to begin setting up a love nest, “for Joran to come back to,” at the conclusion of his sentence.  Van Der Sloot’s defense is expected to open his trial with information about his long time molestation at the hands of his father and older brother. This molestation is said to have caused him to develop feelings of anger and rage toward women.  His mother is expected to testify that it was she who was using the family computer to look up, “Aruba” and “how to dispose of a body on the beach,” for a research project she was doing for a course she was taking at the time. 

Reports indicate that both are looking forward to the opportunity for conjugal visits, and are hoping to have children as soon as possible.    According to sources, van der Sloot indicated that, “We are hoping for a little girl,”     The couple plans to honeymoon in Aruba.

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